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and I will end my #haircutsinthepark posts where we began #regram xo View high resolution

and I will end my #haircutsinthepark posts where we began #regram xo

My favorite of the day.  I want that. #haircutsinthepark View high resolution

My favorite of the day. I want that. #haircutsinthepark

man of the hour makes his entrance 💗💞 #haircutsinthepark View high resolution

man of the hour makes his entrance 💗💞 #haircutsinthepark

I’ll b there and so should you 💇 View high resolution

I’ll b there and so should you 💇

Met Ball Quickie

I am prepping for a meeting Friday AM so sadly for everyone I can only make this post a quickie.  I’d love to go through the Met Ball look by look and give my humble opinion about each one.  Luckily I think you can find this sort of project done by pretty much every last blogger out there.  

I will say that I was pretty pretty disappointed flipping through the slideshow of last night’s event on The Cut.  Far too many guests look straight up scary.  What is with the witch-like eye makeup ladies? 

For the most part, I found guests to be anywhere from just off to completely off the mark, and those that didn’t offend were pretty darn boring.  Despite the overall fail, here are my favorite looks from the evening:


I hate to start with Jay Z and Beyonce because I’m sure they made everybody’s best dressed list.  But, for good reason.  They both look chic and interesting.  I LOVE her veil thingy.


Amber Valetta in Saint Laurent…might just be my pic for best outfit.


I’m not the hugest fan of Amy Adams, but I think her dress was quite a good choice.  Not super exciting, but just strong.  Well done, Amy.image

Nicole Richie.  I just love her even though I only give this look a comme ci comme ça.  


Here is another lady I love.  I think she killed it.


A little hard to see what she has going on, but Florence Welsh always looks very majestic and cool.  I applaud what appears to be minimal makeup.


Erykah Badu looking very chic I’d say.  


Blake Lively wins for “Old Hollywood Glamour.”  Sure she doesn’t ever push the envelop, but who cares, she looks great.


Yes.  You with that purple lipstick.  Yes.  Yes to the whole thing.  Mwah (done the Italian way where you kiss all five fingers and blow them out into the air).


Janell Monae…on the mon-ey I’d say.  Ba dum dum cha!


Love Olivia Munn.  Love the whole getup.  Breath of fresh air this one.


I love everything going on here.


Yes.  Pefection for Georgia May Jagger.


I have no idea who this is, and I’m not in love with her dress, but I am very drawn to the strength of her face.  I just love it.  So badass and sexy.


I like this actress.  She is impish and I applaud her Bjork-inspired ensemble.  Very fun.  Very cute.  Very wild.


Again I have no idea who this person is, but I love her look.  Simple and cool.  Chic.  Sophisticated.  Splendid.  Brava.

check out what #Zady is promoting for Mother’s Day.  My vote for best gift is certainly the gold pineapple grenade oil lamp from #singularproducts View high resolution

check out what #Zady is promoting for Mother’s Day. My vote for best gift is certainly the gold pineapple grenade oil lamp from #singularproducts

my plate #hers (at Piet-à-Terre) View high resolution

my plate #hers (at Piet-à-Terre)

Personal Heroes

I’ve been thinking a lot about personal heroes.  


Probably because my boyfriend has some very clear ones and it made me realize that I may have none.  

Not only does the BF have personal/professional heroes, he also refers to them as such.  It’s pretty cool actually.  It’s made me do some soul searching.

Maybe I did have personal heroes at one point in my life…probably…when I was younger…I must have…?

I certainly can’t think of any.  Not really.  

To feel better about myself, I’m starting a new series on the blog and forming a personal collection of heroes.  

First on my list is Ted Muehling.


Ted Muehling is a designer that I just discovered this past Saturday at an intimate wedding dinner.  A lovely woman named Lynn was wearing a beautiful necklace he designed.  


He is now a hero of mine.  Lynn was pretty cool too ;)

Do you guys have clearly defined personal/professional heroes?



My dream #jackspade bag.  Perfect for weekend travels.  #tbt to before they added the lame dipped in paint detail.  I’ll pay more for the old version.  Please bring it back!!! @jackspade View high resolution

My dream #jackspade bag. Perfect for weekend travels. #tbt to before they added the lame dipped in paint detail. I’ll pay more for the old version. Please bring it back!!! @jackspade

The Raw Denim Apron

When I first started the Marbles New York project, I was lending some of my fashion expertise to Richard.  I was looking for examples of an apron idea I had for his company’s baristas when I stumbled upon Red Wite Blue & Co. through some expert Instagram recon.  That is more or less how I started on a collaboration project with the founder of Red Wite Blue & Co., a very cool guy named Mario, from California.  I think Instagram is a great discovery tool, and Mario and I joining forces is evidence of that.


I loved the raw denim and leather aprons that Mario was making out in California, and knew there was something special we could do together.  I noticed a lot of his customers seemed to be these really cool kind of retro barber guys.  I thought the style they had was pretty dope, and certainly in line with a lot of the raw denim Americana aesthetic that is one major angle in the raw denim movement.


I also knew, however, that I needed to add my touches and modifications to make this apron appeal to the Marbles customer and represent my brand.  I asked Mario if we could work on a collab and I would sell my first unique-to-Marbles product: the “Marbles for Red Wite Blue & Co. Raw Denim Apron.” 


The apron project began as a way to introduce some exclusive product on my site, but turned into an interesting way to begin introducing women to my love and obsession: raw denim.  The apron, though targeted to my ladies, is a unisex item, and is one size fits all.   My favorite design element is probably how the selvedge edge is masterfully highlighted throughout, and how there is a nod to the detailing of traditional dungarees at the same time.  The straps are leather and there are a couple of small weathered metal skulls on the back.  The Marbles apron can be worn for cooking, gardening, woodworking, hairstyling, or as a sexy role-playing outfit for the boudoir. 


Please do keep in mind, however, that even though it’s meant for dirty situations, this apron is not meant for cleaning of any kind.  I will go into this in more detail in it’s own post, but please do be aware of this here and now.  I realize it sounds totally loco to most of you.  It isn’t.  Trust me.  The raw denim will wear in uniquely to you this way, and the fabric is of such high quality and is such a good dark indigo that you really won’t need to wash this bad boy.  Just trust me guys. 


This is just a little taste to wet everyone’s appetites as Mario and I go into production over the next couple of weeks.  I will be writing about this Marbles Apron much more, and I’ll go into many more style and design details as well as garment care details.  This is only a preview and is getting to be quite a long one (also something I’m working on…shortening my posts!). 


Hope you like what we’ve done.


(NOTE:  all photos were taken as a preview of the stock apron, which will say Marbles on the nameplate)

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